Hamlet (Act V)

by Artem Bank

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A school project that went above and beyond what it had to, and so came to become a great song.

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released March 10, 2010

All: Artem Bank

Remixes by: Resykle (soundcloud.com/resykle)




Artem Bank Baltimore

I am a freelance composer and producer that is based in Baltimore, Maryland. Though I'm still young and new to the scene, I like to think that I've at least made a small and growing mark in history as a composer for video games. My first soundtrack, Star Ruler, was a chance encounter that left me wanting to do more, and ultimately decided my entire career in music from there. ... more

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Track Name: Hamlet (Act V)
Sweet insanity,
You took yourself,
You drowned yourself.
And you thought,
That you could set yourself free.
Such a malicious intent that your grave swarmed with profanity.
Woe is me, you threw yourself to a watery freeze.

Such a crime,
You so called friends,
More so you traitors.
You two devils,
this letter's atrocious, changed and fictitious,
Sent anyway, though I've neglected to tell.
Woe is me, head's cut off on a chopping spree.

Brother, hold.
Steady blade,
Secret cut into you.
Mother. go,
To heaven or hell,
Only God will know.
Woe is me, two that I loved fell in front of me.

So evil king,
Drink of the cup you left for me.
I will close my eyes,
Rest easy,
Ready for this eternal sleep.
Track Name: Hamlet (Act V) (Drifting Mix)
Track Name: Resykle - Hamlet (Act V) (Resykled)
Woe is me.
Track Name: Resykle - In Waiting (Resykled)
Somebody tell me a lie,
Somebody exactly what I want to hear.

Somebody tell me a lie,
Somebody tell me everything will be alright.

In waiting.

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