Apples And Wine (Feat. Rob Hinkal)

from Mammuthus Primigenius by Artem Bank



I'm not actually sure what this was written about. Something religious I suppose. I do know that it features Rob Hinkal on guitar.


There's no apple in this tree,
Makes me wonder all about gravity,
Oh how wrong did Newton get it,
I can fly so free.

Do you see it floating by?
In the recklessness of time.

Take a bite into the world,
Juice is flowin' like pouring wine.
Oh where is that holy chalice,
Soil it with dirt an' alcohol.

Do you feel it in your veins?
The divine with feverous rage.

Criminals in apathy,
Confess to priests to clear the sin,
Clear the slate and start again,
A cycle of destruction from within.

Do you see it floating by?
In the recklessness of time.


from Mammuthus Primigenius, released July 3, 2010
Additional Guitar and Ebow - Rob Hinkal
Everything Else - Artem Bank




Artem Bank Baltimore

I am a freelance composer and producer that is based in Baltimore, Maryland.

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