Tinted (Feat. Cory Birdsell)

from by Artem Bank



Fictional tale of a forger.


You've got yourself a living,
Big house on top the hill,
Yachts and jets and sporty cars,
My ain't that a thrill,
But I know a secret you havent told,
Your spoils your riches, your cache of gold,
Can you tell me where you get it from?

Your 'rents ain't rich, you got no job,
And you're far from CEO,
Your hands don't twitch, no atheltic itch,
so how'd you build the whole?
Well I've figured it out, with-out no doubt,
You're a crook who doesn't steal.
Don't need no fence, just an artist's sense,
To paint them dollar bills.

Caught in a lie, ain't that grand?
Life broken down, pathetic young man,
We live in a world, tinted green, greed based society,
Well, you know what?
That's okay.

Cause from my point of view,
You've carrying a few, burdons ain't that right?
All that stress, what a mess,
Though the smile's such a sight,
Feel that sin infesting you?
Yea, I know, feels pretty good.
Hope to join you one day, though I gotta say,
All my art's done right n' true.


from Metallic Sun, released April 1, 2014
Drums - Cory Birdsell www.facebook.com/corwinkirkwood
Everything else - Artem Bank



all rights reserved


Artem Bank Baltimore

I am a freelance composer and producer that is based in Baltimore, Maryland. Though I'm still young and new to the scene, I like to think that I've at least made a small and growing mark in history as a composer for video games. My first soundtrack, Star Ruler, was a chance encounter that left me wanting to do more, and ultimately decided my entire career in music from there. ... more

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