by Artem Bank

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Soundtrack and score to the short film "Thespian!" Wrtten, performed, and recorded in 72 hours for the 72 Film Fest.

Watch the short here:


released October 11, 2016

1. "My Way"
Music & Lyrics by Artem Bank
Performed by Adam Willem, Lexi Hauck, and Mike Reed

2. "Hypothetical Heist"
Composed & Performed by Artem Bank

3. "Be Normal"
Music by Nathan Shinholt
Lyrics by Nathan Shinholt and Adam Willem
Performed by Emily Holcomb

4. "My Way (Reprise)"
Music & Lyrics by Artem Bank
Performed by Adam Willem and Nick Aiello


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Artem Bank Baltimore

I am a freelance composer and producer that is based in Baltimore, Maryland. Though I'm still young and new to the scene, I like to think that I've at least made a small and growing mark in history as a composer for video games. My first soundtrack, Star Ruler, was a chance encounter that left me wanting to do more, and ultimately decided my entire career in music from there. ... more

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Track Name: Artem Bank; Adam Willem; Lexi Hauck; Mike Reed - My Way
I'm waking up,
It's a 'meh' kind of day.
If I get it right,
This interview will go my way.

Eh, no no, not this.
This is wonderful bliss.
(Please don't screw this up. Again.)

I've never had something sit-down, normal,
Salary, benefits, 401-K,
A company car, dressing up formal.
Hey, thespians it's going my way!(Hey!)
My way!

I've worked so hard for this moment,
I need to do my wife. Proud.
I'm so tired of running this gauntlet,
Are my qualifications sound?

(Do you have 30 years experience?)
I'm only 24 years old.
Then no!

Track Name: Nathan Shinholt; Emily Holcomb - Be Normal
You're a little bit over dramatic,
You really gotta break that habit.
Your head's in the clouds so you can't see,
Just how stupid you can possibly be.

So sit right here and listen to me,
And then maybe you'll finally see,
Just why you can't succeed,
Can't succeed, can't succeed.

You need to stop singing in your interviews.
You need to stop washing cars out in the rain.
And please, you you need to stop robbing folks at gunpoint.
I'm worried that you're actually insane.

So i'm not gonna lie, you need a better tie,
But it's all rather moot unless you get a new suit.
(What's wrong with my suit?)
What' I'm trying to say, what I hope that you hear,
And I'm trying to make this abundantly clear:

Grow up and be normal.
Track Name: Artem Bank; Adam Willem; Nick Aiello - My Way (Reprise)
I've never had something sit-down, normal,
I'm not sure I wanted it anyway.

How would you feel about $8.50 an hour?
Hey, thespians!
It's finally going my way!

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