The big finale, inspired by Queen's "Prince of the Universe", and I think it shines through, and ends the album nicely. As for it's meaning, it's another thrown together song... it doesn't have one unless I subconsciously pieced it together.


Have you found that place,
Where the withering die,
And the wanting must stay?
Cause I'm there...

It's a cold dark place,
With our faces frozen,
Ready to breathe out stale air.
Come and save me from the end.

I'm far away,
Ready to journey back home,
I'm far away,
Gone as far as the edge,
Set this saga in stone.

Hold my faith close,
With flickering lights
being all that I can see.
I wish there was somethin' in this darkness man,

holding out for another way
to get out of here,
Save me from this prison
I beg you.


Come on, come on, come on.

(Chorus x2)


from Mammuthus Primigenius, released July 3, 2010
Verse and chorus drums written by Cory Birdsell

Everything else by Artem Bank




Artem Bank Baltimore

I am a freelance composer and producer that is based in Baltimore, Maryland.

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